This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change.

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Date Topics Slides Readings
Wed 09/11 Course overview and intro [pdf] [pptx]
Fri 09/13 Go systems programming [pdf] [pptx] [syntax] [intro] [soln]
Mon 09/16 Network communication and Remote Procedure Calls [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 09/18 Caching and consistency : NFS and the Web [pdf] [pptx]
Fri 09/20 Concurrency in Go, MapReduce [pdf] [pptx]
Mon 09/23 Time and Logical Clocks [pdf] [pptx]
Tues 09/24 Assignment 1-1 (Go) due at 11:59pm
Wed 09/25 Vector clocks [pdf] [pptx]
Fri 09/27 RPCs in Go [pdf] [pptx] [wc-server]
Fri 09/27 Assignment 1-2 (Simple MapReduce) due at 11:59pm
Eventual Consistency and Scaling Out
Mon 09/30 Distributed snapshots [pdf] [pptx] [blackboard]
Wed 10/02 Eventual consistency, Bayou [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: Bayou
Thurs 10/03 Assignment 1-3 (Distributed MapReduce) due at 11:59pm
Fri 10/04 Distributed Snapshots [pdf] [pptx] [handout][soln]
Mon 10/07 Peer-to-Peer Systems and Distributed Hash Tables [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: Chord
Wed 10/09 Scale-out key-value storage, Dynamo (Jeff Helt) [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: Dynamo
Fri 10/11 Dynamo and Bayou [pdf] [pptx]
Replicated State Machines
Mon 10/14 Replicated State Machines via Primary Backup [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 10/16 Google's Consistent, Global Authorization System (Dr. Ramon Caceres) [conference talk + slides + paper]
Thurs 10/17 Assignment 2 (Chandy Lamport Snapshots) due at 11:59pm
Fri 10/18 System Design [pdf] [pptx]
Mon 10/21 Replicated State Machines - View Change and Consensus [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 10/23 Midterm exam, 9-10:50am.
418 students with last names A-N go to CS 104. 418 students with last names O-Z go to PNI A32. All 518 students go to PNI A32.
Fri 10/25 Review of Midterm, 10-11:50am, in CS 104. (No separate precepts.)
Mon 10/28 Fall recess
Wed 10/30 Fall recess
Fri 11/01 Fall recess
Mon 11/04 Replicated State Machines - RAFT [pdf] [pptx] Pre-reading: RAFT
Wed 11/06 Replicated State Machines - RAFT, continued
Fri 11/08 RAFT [pdf] [pptx] [slides w solutions pdf] [slides w solutions pptx] [handout]
Strong Consistency and Scaling Out with Transactions
Mon 11/11 Consistency [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 11/13 Atomic Commit and Concurrency Control [pdf] [pptx]
Fri 11/15 Consistency [pdf] [pptx] [handout]
Mon 11/18 Scalable Causal Consistency [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: COPS
Wed 11/20 OCC and MVCC [pdf] [pptx]
Thurs 11/21 Assignment 3 (Raft Leader Election) due at 11:59pm
Fri 11/22 Concurrency Control [pdf] [pptx]
Mon 11/25 Spanner [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: Spanner
Wed 11/27 Thanksgiving recess
Fri 11/29 Thanksgiving recess
Mon 12/02 CAP, PRAM, and SNOW [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: CAP, PRAM (Theorem 1), SNOW (Sections 3 & 4)
Making Systems Faster
Wed 12/04 Distributed Video Processing [pdf] [pptx] Suggested reading: SVE
Fri 12/06 Spanner and SNOW [pdf] [pptx]
Mon 12/09 Reasoning about System Performance [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 12/11 Tying It All Together [pdf] [pptx]
Fri 12/13 Assignment 4 (Raft Log Consensus) due at 11:59pm
Reading Period
Tues 01/14 Assignment 5 (Key-value Storage Service) due at 5:00pm
Mon 01/20 Final exam, Friend Center 101, 7:30-10:30pm