COS-463 Wireless Networks: Syllabus



There is one textbook required for this class:

As background, we also suggest several optional texts:


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to. This schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

Date Topics Readings Notes
Tue 02/06 Class Introduction [pdf] Spring term classes begin.
Part 1: Wireless from the Transport Layer Downwards
Thu 02/08 Systems & Networking Concepts: Layering, End-to-End Arguments.
End-to-End Transport Over Wireless I: TCP, Split Connection [pdf, pptx]
Saltzer81, Jacobson88
Fri 02/09 Precept 1: Python Introduction and Signal Processing Primer A good introduction to the DFT can be found in chapter 4 of Digital Signal Processing
Tue 02/13 End-to-End Transport Over Wireless II: Snoop and Explicit Loss Notification [pdf, pptx] BalakrishnanGlobecom98
Thu 02/15 Link Layer I: ALOHA, Time-, and Frequency Division [pdf, pptx]
Fri 02/16 Lab 1: Building a Simple Spectrum Analyzer using the HackRF Software-Defined Radio (preview) Undergraduate deadline to add or drop courses without a fee.
Tue 02/20 Link Layer II: MACA, MACAW, Reliable Link Protocols [pdf, pptx] Maca, Macaw
Thu 02/22 Routing I: Mesh Networking [pdf, pptx] Roofnet05
Fri 02/23 Lab 2: MAC protocol: TDMA, FDMA, CSMA
Tue 02/27 Routing II: Geographic and Diversity Routing in Mesh Networks [pdf, pptx] Optional Reading: GPSR, CLDP
Part 2: Overcoming Bit Errors
Thu 03/01 Detecting and Correcting Errors [pdf, pptx] Lab 1 due
Fri 03/02 Precept: Work on Lab 2
Tue 03/06 Convolutional Codes [pdf, pptx] 6.02Notes-Chp8
Thu 03/08 Rateless Codes [pdf, pptx]
Fri 03/09 Precept: Midterm review
Part 3: Wireless from the Physical Layer Upwards
Tue 03/13 Preliminaries: Radios, Modulation, and Filtering [pdf, pptx] Office hours for midterm after lecture
Thu 03/15 In-Class Midterm Exam (coverage only through March 9, inclusive)
Fri 03/16 Lab 3: Forward Error Correction Lab 2 due
Thu 03/22 Spring recess week
Fri 03/23 Spring recess week
Tue 03/27 The Wireless Channel
Thu 03/29 Digital Modulation
Fri 03/30 Precept: BER and Shannon's Limit
Tue 04/03 TBA
Thu 04/05 Bandwidth and Spectrum Lab 3 due
Fri 04/06 Lab 4: BPSK encoding and decoding
Part 4: Wireless Physical Layer Concepts
Tue 04/10 OFDM
Thu 04/12 Estimating the Wireless Channel
Fri 04/13 Precept: Exploiting Doppler Registrar’s deadline to drop spring term courses
Tue 04/17 MIMO: Multi-Antenna Systems
Part 5: Boutique Topics
Thu 04/19 RFID
Fri 04/20 Precept: Pratical Channel Estimation
Tue 04/24 Low-Power Wireless Communication
Thu 04/26 Wi-Fi Localization Lab 4 due
Fri 04/27 Lab 5: Array signal processing
Tue 05/01 Beamforming
Thu 05/03 Visible Light Communication
Fri 05/04 TBA Spring term classes end.
Thu 05/10
Tue 05/15 Lab 5 due

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