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Important People

Departmental Representative for Majors:

Andrea LaPaugh (room 304, )
Guardian of the rules of the undergraduate curriculum and the keeper of this document.  Also oversees honors and awards, and students leaving the major.  If your class advisor is unavailable for an extended period, she can sometimes answer your questions and sign add/drop forms.

Department Representative for pre-majors, non-majors and study abroad:

Brian Kernighan (room 311, bwk@cs.princeton.edu)

Department Chair Jennifer Rexford and Associate Chair Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Between them, they have all the official answers on the workings of the department.

Undergraduate Coordinator​

Colleen Kenny-McGinley (room 210, )


Prospective Students

If you are thinking of applying to Princeton, informative organized tours of the School of Engineering and Applied Science maybe of interest. Contact the SEAS Undergraduate Affairs for  Prospective Students Info.    Applications for undergraduate admission are available from the Princeton Undergraduate Admission Office



Class advisors

Academic advisors are assigned to each class to help guide undergraduates through the process of course selection and choosing topics for independent work.  Considering their experience in the field, advisors can also help with other questions about getting jobs or internships.  You will meet with your academic advisor at least twice a year to discuss the courses you want to take each semester.

Your advisor has a web calendar.  See the list of advisors and click on the link to make an appointment.  If none of the times work for you, you can make an appointment most easily by email. You are responsible for deadlines. In particular, if you want to drop a course, you must do so by the 9th week of classes. If you need a signature at the last minute because you procrastinated and your advisor is not available, you will not get help from other faculty members. Choose courses, ask questions, drop courses, etc., in a timely fashion.

Students Adviser Office @cs.princeton.edu Appointment
Certificate Program Jaswinder Singh 423 jps make appt
Freshman Placement in COS 126, 226, 217 Chris Moretti 208 cmoretti  
Brian Kernighan 311 bwk make appt
COS Study Abroad Brian Kernighan 311 bwk make appt
Transferring In Brian Kernighan or
Class Advisor 
(see below)
311 bwk make appt
Transferring Out Andrea LaPaugh 304 aslp make appt




Class of 2017

(Surname A-G)
Arvind Narayanan 308 (Sherrard) arvindn make appt
(Surname H-M)
Chris Moretti 208 cmoretti make appt
(Surname N-Z)
Xiaoyan Li

221 Nassau St.  Room 104

xiaoyan make appt
COS AB '17  
(Surname A-M)
Sandra L. Batista

221 Nassau St.

Room 106

abatista make appt
COS AB'17  
 (Surname N-Z)
Zeev Dvir 405 zdvir make appt

Class of 2018

(Surname A-HA)
David August 221 august make appt
(Surname HE-LE)
Olga Troyanskaya 320  ogt make appt
(Surname LI-R)
Ananda Gunawardena, 

221 Nassau St.

Room 101

guna make appt
Surname (S-Z)
Elad Hazan  407 ehazan make appt

COS AB'18 Surname A-J

Aarti Gupta 202 aartig make appt

COS AB'18 Surname K-Z

Robert Tarjan 324 ret make appt


Class of 2019                            

Surname (A-G)
Iasonas Petras 209 ipetras make appt
Surname ( H-K)
Bernard Chazelle 404 chazelle make appt
Surname (L-P)
Jeremie Lumbroso 209 lumbroso make appt
Surname (Q-Z)
Dan Leyzberg 208 dl9 make appt
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