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Advice on Research Communications Skills

Great researchers are great communicators.  This page provides some resources to help you develop your communication skills.


  • How to read a paper.  S. Keshav.  Note:  The general principles here are very useful (read a paper in several iterations of increasing depth depending upon your objectives and interest).  However, the amount of time it may take you to read a paper will vary greatly depending on the paper and the area.  Assuming you can understand a paper deeply in just a few hours may be unrealistic for some papers in some areas.  It may take you days or weeks.  Do not get discouraged if it takes you more time than suggested here.


  • Go to Princeton colloquia, job talks, area meetings, general exams, pre-FPOs and FPOs.  Think about what speakers in each context are doing well (or not so well) to communicate their content effectively and memorably.
  • How to give a great research talk.  Simon Peyton Jones.
  • Presenting a technical talk.  Nick Feamster and Alex Gray.


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