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M.Eng. Track

Candidates electing to switch to the M.Eng degree track must complete a total of eight courses over two years, and are not required to submit a thesis. Three of the eight must be COS 500-level, and the additional courses may be chosen from 318, 320, 324, 326, 343, 352, 375, any 400-level course, or 500-level COS course, including COS 597 and 598. Relevant courses from outside the department may be taken with Director of Graduate Studies consent. All courses must be taken for a grade. You may view a list of approved courses outside of the department here. Candidates must maintain a B average, with no more than one C allowed.

Acceleration of the M.Eng. (non-thesis track). Students in excellent academic standing who intend to transition to the M.Eng. track may request the department accelerate their two-year program by either one semester or one year, provided all the applicable following conditions are met:

1. Satisfactory performance in all past, current, and future Teaching Assistantship assignments at the University, as evaluated by the Instructor of Record of the course the student is assigned to;
2. The request must be made in writing to the department before the Faculty Deadline for Submission of Graduate Course Grades at the end of the first semester of study;
3. For one-semester acceleration requests: At least three courses completed in the first semester, with all A grades (one A- permitted).
4. For one-year acceleration requests: At least four courses completed in the first semester, with all A grades (one A- permitted).

The department will cancel the request if the student later chooses to remain on the M.S.E. track during their Year 1 reenrollment. Students who accelerate may choose to revert their program of study to its original
length by communicating this request in writing to the department.

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