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The computer science department has generous funding policies for both master’s and doctoral students. With rare exceptions, all graduate students pay no tuition and receive livable stipends. Stipend amounts are determined by the Graduate School, which also provides cost of living estimates. 

Master's students pay no tuition and typically receive a teaching assistantship, which comes with a stipend.

Doctoral students pay no tuition and receive a stipend for the standard five-year term of the Ph.D. program, dependent on successful completion of program milestones.

First-year doctoral students receive a fellowship from the Graduate School. Funding and stipends past the first year are normally provided through a combination of teaching assistantships and research assistantships sponsored by a faculty advisor. All doctoral students are automatically considered for certain university fellowships. Many also receive national or international awards from organizations like the National Science Foundation, Hertz, and the Department of Defense.

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