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Financial Aid

M.S.E. candidates are normally offered teaching assistantships. 

Financial support for Ph.D. candidates consists of University and corporate fellowships, Assistantships in Research (ARs) and in Teaching (AIs).

First year Ph.D. students are normally supported by a University Fellowship, or they may be supported by outside awards such as the NSF, NDSEG, or similar foreign awards. Each year the department nominates selected admits for the Wu Fellowship in Engineering.

In following years, students are normally supported as either ARs or AIs. Some students may continue to hold fellowships or other outside awards. We currently require two terms of AI service from all students, normally done in years 2 or 3. ARs constitute the bulk of support for most students during their candidacy. Assistantships generally require about 20 hours of work per week and stipend rates are fixed annually by the University. Continuation of support is contingent on satisfactory academic performance.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for non-University awards, such as Hertz, NSF, and NDSEG, as well as any other national or international awards for which they are eligible.

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