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Declaring Computer Science for AB'22 Students


Dear Prospective AB'22 COS Concentrators

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy in these challenging times.  Below please find all the information you will need to declare your  AB COS concentration and select your fall 2020 classes.   We encourage you to review all the information below and if you have any questions contact the COS Undergraduate Program Team members that are listed below.   Stay well!  


What are the prerequisites for the AB concentrators?   

All students concentrating in computer science must take three prerequisite computer science courses: COS 126, COS 217 and COS 226. AB candidates must also take MAT 103-104 and one of MAT 202 or 204 or EGR 154

How do I know if Computer Science is a good fit?

  • Welcome to the Computer Science Undergradute Program 
  • Browse the Computer Science website, especially the Undergraduate pages.
  • Why COS?   Advice from the Computer Science Undergraduate Student Council.
  • Review Paths Through the Major.
  • Glance through the Independent Work page.
  • On April 2, 2020 the fall Independent Work Seminars will be posted for your review and consideration. 
  • Independent Work questions?  Ask Mikki Hornstein, Independent Work Coordinator, mhornstein (@princeton.edu)  
  • Undergraduate Program questions?  Ask Colleen Kenny, Ugrad Program Manager, ckenny (@princeton.edu)


Where can I find answers to my Computer Science questions online?

A great online source is the Undergraduate Program FAQ.


Ready to declare Computer Science (or would like help deciding)?

All advising for sophomore sign-in to the Computer Science Department in Spring 2020 will be processed remotely.   There may be last-minute changes to the steps listed below, so please check back.

Step 1.  Do you have questions or would like help in deciding your concentration?
If you have additional questions, make an appointment in WASE to meet individually with Prof. Brian Kernighan (Room 311, ) to plan a course of study or to explore how your interests might fit with what Computer Science has to offer.  
If you are ready to declare your concentration, skip to Step 2. 
Step 2  Ready to Declare
Sophomore concentration declaration will be April 2 – April 20, 2020.  Go to TigerHub to declare COS.  Intended concentrations are processed overnight.  The department will have access to your academic records one business day after you complete this form.
***************You must declare your COS concentration before you can move on to Step 3. **************************************
Step 3. Now that you have declared your concentration as COS.....Welcome to Computer Science!    
April 3 - 23, 20201- Complete your Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) in Tigerhub.  If you require additional advice on courses or independent work, please email the advisers below, which are assigned by last name:
Step 4.  Fall Course Selection
After declaring COS and entering your fall courses into the DAPF, you are ready to select courses for the fall semester.  Sophomores will be able to enroll in courses in Tigerhub beginning April 22 – 24, 2020.  
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Additional Information:
ODOC page on declaring a major
Registrar’s Page on Concentration Requirements
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