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Preliminary FPO Requirements

Effective September 2020

The preliminary FPO is designed to be a talk given a minimum of six months before your anticipated FPO date. It covers results to date and planned research, and serves as a preliminary critique of the proposed dissertation. Under the old system, by the time of the FPO it was too late to give much meaningful feedback. The faculty believe that the more feedback given, the better the final dissertation will be.

Six months before your anticipated FPO date (or with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies at another time), you will do the following:

  1. Prepare a thesis outline. This should show research and results to date and indicate planned work to complete dissertation.
  2. Select your committee. Give them the thesis outline, and agree on a date for the preliminary FPO.  NOTE: The FPO committee must consist of at least 5 members.  The student's advisor must serve as the student's examiner (nonreader).  There must be two additional examiners and two readers.   At least one reader and at least two examiners must be from the CS department.
    Readers are not required to attend the FPO.  

Outside committee members (any non-Princeton faculty) must be pre-approved by the Graduate School. Normally outside members are only approved as readers. Outside members must be Assistant Professor or higher, or of equivalent rank in industry. Send their c.v. to the Graduate Coordinator with a 2-3 sentence explanation of why this person should be on your committee, and it will be submitted for approval. You will be notified once the outside member is approved.

        3. Give the date, committee members, and abstract to the Graduate Coordinator, who will announce the talk.

The talk will be open to the public. Following the talk, the committee members and the student will meet privately. At that time the student will be asked questions and given feedback regarding both the talk and the future planned research. No formal grade will be given.

FPO Committee must be identical to the Pre-FPO committee.  Any chages require apprval from the DGS.

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