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Declaring Computer Science for BSE'25 Students


Dear Prospective BSE'25 COS Concentrators

Below please find all the information you will need to declare your BSE COS concentration and select your fall 2022 courses.   We encourage you to review all the information below and if you have any questions contact the COS Undergraduate Program Team members listed below.   Please join us for the BSE'25 Open House!


BSE'25 Open House, March 23, 2022, Friend Center 101, 6:30pm


What are the prerequisites for the BSE'25 COS concentrators?   

All students concentrating in computer science must take three prerequisite computer science courses: COS 126, COS 217 and COS 226. The math requirement is automatically fulfilled by BSE candidates through their general BSE degree requirements. All prerequisite courses must be taken for a letter grade, not PDF.  The three prerequisite computer science courses introduce the core concepts and techniques of the field.  All three are offered every semester.
How do I know if Computer Science is a good fit? 


Where can I find answers to my Computer Science questions online?

A great online source is the Undergraduate Program FAQ.


BSE'25 Pre-Concentration Advising Steps:

Step 1.   Attend the BSE SEAS Open House - March 23, 2022  Friend 101, 6:30pm

Step 2.  March 24, 2022 - Review the Fall 2022 COS course offerings posted on the Registrar's website. 

Step 4. April 4-12 is your academic advising period. Once you have completed your Pre-Concentration Advising Form and you are declaring COS as your concentration, your departmental adviser will review your form.  If you plan to declare Computer Science as your concentration,  contact your acadeic adviser by surname in the list below:  

Step 5.  April 14, 2022    It is now time to select courses for the fall semester.  
Step 4.  May 2022    Declaring your Concentration 
 BSE first-year students indicate their concentration on Tigerhub.   
                                         Welcome to Computer Science!
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