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Computing is everywhere in modern life, whether it be as mundane as checking friends on a social network or as sophisticated as weather forecasting. More fundamentally, computational thinking has contributed to a broad spectrum of problems, from music composition to drug design.

The computer science department at Princeton offers undergraduate courses in the core areas of computer science and in an array of application and interdisciplinary areas. Because computational thinking is so important, we want to provide every Princeton undergraduate with at least one course in computer science.

Because of the broad range of topics within computer science and the diverse interests of undergraduates,  students may major in computer science through either the A.B. or B.S.E. degree program. We are the only department in the university with this flexibility. Beyond a small core set of courses, students are free to design their own program within a framework that insures in-depth exposure to algorithms and theoretical computer science, computer system design, and applications.

Another important aspect of the curriculum is independent work. Each student does at least one design or research project advised by a member of the faculty. This gives students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research or entrepreneurial product design. Many projects are interdisciplinary. For students who would like to study computer science in earnest, but secondary to another discipline, we also offer the Certificate Program in Applications of Computing.

Whether receiving the A.B. or the B.S.E in computer science, students have a wide range of opportunities after graduation. Many join major companies in computing and information technology. Others go to startups or form companies of their own. Other major employers are consulting firms and financial companies. Those students who choose to go on to graduate school do so at the highest ranked CS graduate school programs. Attending professional schools such as medical school or business school is also an option.

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