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Computer Science TAs

The department needs many course assistants and student Lab TAs, including for COS 109, 126, 217 and 226. Course assistants may be lab TAs or they may be graders. Information about becoming a lab TA is available here.

The sign up form is here.

Career Development Resources

The Center for Career Development at Princeton University offers one-on-one advising and programs for students of all years and interests covering career development topics including:

  • Self-assessment: Discovering values, interests, skills, and strengths
  • Career insight: Choosing a major and exploring career options
  • Planning: Creating and implementing a personalized action plan
  • Networking: Strategies to make connections at Princeton and beyond
  • Gaining experience: Finding internships or other experiential opportunities
  • Further education: Preparing for graduate and professional school
  • Internship and job options: Learning search strategies and developing a plan
  • Application materials: Writing resumes, cover letters, and other documents, as well as practicing interview skills

If you have any questions, email careerdevelopment@princeton.edu. 

Further resources include:


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