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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I use a COS course that is cross-listed with another department, or even a course that is not a COS course, to count for the PAC program?

Answer:Yes you can, as long as the course is listed by the COS department as a departmental.

I am taking (course name and number) and believe it can qualify for the program, what can I do?

Answer:Simply send an email to pac@lists.cs.princeton.edu with the name, course, and description of the course and it will be reviewed for approval.

Can I use a Junior Independent Work Project or Senior Independent Work Project instead of a thesis?

Answer:No, this is not permitted. If you do not use a thesis, it must be a COS departmental.

Can I use a course that is a core requirement for my major to count toward PAC?

Answer:No, you cannot use a core requirement, but you may use an elective.

I'm a Computer Science major, and I'm interested in Applications of Computing too. Can I do the CS major and also the certificate program?

Answer:No. The same restriction applies to Electrical and Computer Engineering majors who concentrate in a computational area of ECE.

I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering major and I'm interested in Applications of Computing. Can I do the ECE major and also the certificate program?

Answer:ECE majors who want to receive the PAC certificate must concentrate in a non-computational area of ECE. The following ECE Concentrations are eligible: Electronic Devices and Materials, Circuits and Systems, Quantum Information and Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Optics and Photonics, Energy and Environment. The following ECE Concentrations are NOT eligible: Data and Information, Computer Systems, Robotics and Cyberphysical Systems, Security and Privacy.

Am I permitted to use a Study Abroad Course?

Answer:No they are not permitted.

Can I get departmental (PAC) credit for a course taken at another school, for example during the summer?

Answer:Courses of appropriate quality given over the summer at other universities can be approved for credit at Princeton. Please follow standard procedures and speak with your academic dean and the relevant department for approval *in advance* of taking the course. For example, computer science courses are approved by the Computer Science Department. PAC gives credit for courses approved equivalent to PAC required courses.
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