COS-597E Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change.

Date Topics Readings Notes
Wed 09/11 Course Overview (6up PDF)
HowToRead05 Join mailing list and Piazza site, optionally watch Scott Shenker's ONS'11 talk
Mon 09/16 Logically-Centralized Control (6up PDF)
4D05, Ethane07 (submit) Complete Assignment 1 by 5pm Tue Sep 17, and optionally watch Nick McKeown's ONS'11 talk and optionally read MiniNet10
Wed 09/18 SDN Software Stack (6up PDF)
OpenFlow08, NOX08, OpenVswitch09 (submit) Skim SdnHistory13
SDN Abstractions
Mon 09/23 Data-Plane Verification (6up PDF)
HSA12, Veriflow13 (submit) Start Assignment 2 (due 5pm Tue Oct 1), and optionally watch Nick McKeown's ONS12 talk on testing
Wed 09/25 Testing and Debugging (6up PDF)
NICE12, ndb12 (submit) Optionally read OFRewind11
Mon 09/30 Network Updates
ConsistentUpdates12, zUpdate13 (submit) Complete Assignment 2 (due 5pm Tue Oct 1), and optionally read OF.CPP and
Wed 10/02 Programming Languages (6up PDF)
Pyretic13, Maple13 (submit) Start Assignment 3 (due 5pm Fri Oct 11)
Mon 10/07 Controller State
ONIX10, Resonance13 (submit) Read ONOS slides
Wed 10/09 Guest Lecture by Naga Katta, Nanxi Kang, and Laurent Vanbever
No reading Complete Assignment 3 (due 5pm Fri Oct 11)
SDN Applications
Mon 10/14 Network Virtualization (6up PDF)
FlowVisor10, Nicira13 (submit) Optionally watch Martin Casado interview and Bruce Davie's talk at Open Networking Summit (see slides)
Wed 10/16 Data-Center Traffic Management (6up PDF)
HONE13, Hedera10 (submit) Optionally read Lime12 and PortLand09
Mon 10/21 Wide-Area Traffic Management (6up PDF)
GoogleWAN13 (submit) Read IRSCP06 and SDX13, submit Project Proposal by 5pm Mon Oct 21
Wed 10/23 Wireless Networks
OpenRadio12, SoftRAN13 (submit) Optionally read Tallac13
Mon 10/28 Fall Break
Optionally watch The Day the Routers Died
Wed 10/30 Fall Break
Optionally watch My Favorite Net Things
SDN Systems Challenges
Mon 11/04 Control-Plane Scalability (6up PDF)
Kandoo12 and ElasticController13 (submit) Read LogicalXbar13
Wed 11/06 Data-Plane Scalability
Difane10 (submit)
Mon 11/11 Security
Fresco13 and SDNsec13 (submit)
Wed 11/13 Fault Tolerance
FatTire13 and Automatic13 (submit) Read Coronet12
Enhancing the Data Plane
Mon 11/18 OpenFlow++
OFchip13 (submit) Read DevoFlow11, optionally skim OpenFlow 1.3 specification
Wed 11/20 Measurement (6up PDF)
OpenSketch13 (submit) Read SoftCounters12
Mon 11/25 Programmable Data Planes (6up PDF)
Click00 (submit) Read SwitchBlade10 and skim the NetFPGA, RouteBricks, and Packet Shader web pages
Wed 11/27 Thanksgiving Break
Gobble, gobble!
Mon 12/02 Designing Middleboxes (e.g., server load balancer)
Ananta13 (submit) Read LoadWild11 and watch Aster*x talk and demo
Wed 12/04 Managing Middleboxes
Simple13 (submit) Read OpenMb12 and FlowTags13, and optionally read NFV white paper
Course End-Game
Mon 12/09 Incremental Deployment
Panopticon13 (submit)
Wed 12/11 The Future of SDN
Tue 01/14 Final Project Report Due
Dean's Date, all written work due by 5:00pm (submit)
Fri 01/17 Project Presentations
Two-hour session to present final projects (date/time TBA based on exam schedules) PhD Comics on presentations

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