COS-597E, Fall 2013: Software Defined Networking

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9/11: First day of class! Join the course Piazza page. We'll use Piazza for all discusions.

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Managing computer networks is unnecessarily complicated and error-prone, due to heterogeneous devices with proprietary configuration interfaces. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is poised to change all this by offering a clean, open interface between networking devices and the software controlling them. We explore SDN through classic and recent papers, and a final project. Course covers diverse perspectives from distributed systems and programming languages, to formal verification and algorithms, to identify abstractions that lower the barrier for innovating inside the network.

Prerequisite: General networking background (COS 461 or equivalent), or permission of the instructor. For an overview of the material in COS 461, see the slides from previous offerings of the course. The course assumes a general knowledge of Python.


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