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Message Ordering in a Multicast Environment

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May 1988
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A multicast group is a collection of processes that are the destinations of the same sequence of messages. These messages may originate at one or more source sites and the destination processes may run on one or more sites, not necessarily distinct. A multicast protocol ensures that the messages are delivered to the appropriate processes. Some applications require that the protocol provide some guarantees on the order in which messages are delivered. In this paper we characterize three ordering properties and discuss their solutions. We concentrate on the multiple group ordering property, which guarantees that two messages destined to two processes are delivered in the same relative order, even if they originate at different sources and are addressed to different multicast groups. We present a new protocol that solves
the multiple group ordering problem. We address the issues of performance and reliability by providing comparisons with other techniques for ordering multicasts. In many cases this new algorithm solves the problem with greater efficiency than previous solutions without sacrificing reliability.

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