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Building Scalable Self-configuring Networks with SEIZE

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September 2007
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IP networks today require massive effort to configure and manage.
Ethernet is vastly simpler to manage, but does not scale beyond small
local area networks. This paper describes an alternative network
architecture called SEIZE that achieves the best of both worlds: The
scalability of IP combined with the simplicity of Ethernet. SEIZE
provides plug-and-play functionality via flat addressing, while
ensuring scalability and efficiency through shortest-path routing and
hash-based location resolution. We implemented a prototype of SEIZE
using the Click and XORP open-source routing platforms,
and evaluated system performance on Emulab. Additionally, to
evaluate performance on larger scales, we performed a simulation study
driven by real-world traffic traces and network topologies. Our experiments show
that SEIZE attains near-optimal path efficiency, while
reducing control overhead and table size by roughly two orders of
magnitude compared with Ethernet bridging.

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