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Video Cubism

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September 2001
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We present new non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering tools for video.
Inspired by the Cubist and Futurist art movements that questioned
previous notions of space and time within paintings, we view an input
video as a space-time cube of data, rather than a series of static
frames. Our tools process the video as a whole to produce a set of
stroke-solids, units for rendering that appear over multiple
frames in the resulting NPR video. Depending on stylistic considerations
and video content, each stroke solid is encoded with parameters such as
location, size, curvature, orientation, color values, or other relevant
information. A non-photorealistic video is constructed interactively by
compositing slices of the stroke solids. These slices, or strokes, are
rendered as multi-textured sprites. The textures for each stroke may be
derived from a pre-defined texture atlas and/or drawn from the underlying
video itself. Many of the parameters that define the appearance of a stroke
are set at runtime. This provides the artist with a wealth of interactive
aesthetic controls for modifying the final result. Benefits of our work
include interactive stylistic flexibility and aesthetic control, and methods
for exploiting the full temporal information present in a video sequence
when designing the stroke solids. Finally, this work extends painterly rendering
of video beyond the impressionist styles previously explored to Cubist, Futurist,
and Abstract styles.

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