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Dynamic Join and Departure in Shared Object Middleware

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December 1998
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Collaborative applications are increasingly being deployed to support
interactions among widely distributed users. Replication of state that
enables interaction among distributed users can be used to provide
acceptable response time in the presence of high communication
latencies. Recent research has suggested using shared objects as the
middleware for developing collaborative applications to minimize
communication traffic. One of the key issues in using shared objects
middleware to support collaborative applications is to allow nodes to
dynamically join and departure. This paper presents four methods to
manage distributed object directories in the presence of dynamic join
and departure operations in shared objects middleware: full
redistribution, master, indexed hashing and on-demand indexed
hashing. We have compared these four schemes with four criteria: even
distribution, memory overhead, number of messages and algorithm
complexity. Among these four schemes, the two indexed hashing schemes
on average are better than the other two schemes.

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