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A Catalog of Higher Pairs and Their Configuration Spaces

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May 1993
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We illustrate the HIPAIR kinematic analysis program for higher pairs
on twenty examples from Artobolevsky's encyclopedia of mechanisms.
For each example, we show the pair, present its configuration space,
explain its structure and behavior, and list its reference number in
the encyclopedia. All the figures ar e direct program output. HIPAIR
is the first comprehensive kinematic analysis program for higher
pairs. It covers pairs of 2.5D parts with two degrees of freedom,
including ones with intermittent, simultaneous, and degenerate
contacts. This class contains 90\% of 2.5D pairs and 80\% of all
higher pairs according to our survey of 2500 mechanisms. It analyzes
pairs of average shape complexity in five seconds and pairs with
several thousand features in one minute. HIPAIR facilitates the
design and analysis of multipart mechanisms that contain higher pairs.
It helps designers detect part interference, establish part
clearances, identify functional surfaces, and find jamming and lock-up

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