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CLOVER: A User Guide

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July 1991
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CLOVER is a timing verification system for digital systems. It was
designed to handle medium size asynchronous systems, particularly
interface systems, but can be used with synchronous systems as well. A
wide range of basic components can be used with CLOVER, including
user-defined components. To use CLOVER, the designer provides a
description of the design in the hardware description language PDL-e
and a description of the timing constraints that the design should
satisfy in CLOVER's constraint language ATCSL. CLOVER derives an
$event^graph$ for the design using an event-based timing simulator and
checks the satisfaction of each constraint within the event graph. In
this report we present a detailed description on the use of CLOVER from
the user perspective. A detailed documentation of all CLOVER's
features is given, accompanied by simple but illustrative examples.

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