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A Code Generation Interface for ANSI C

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May 1990
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A Code Generation Interface for ANSI C is a retargetable, production
compiler for ANSI C; versions for the VAX, the Motorola 68020 and MIPS
have been in use for over a year and a half. It is smaller and faster
than generally available alternatives, and its local code is about as
good. This report describes the interface between the
target-independent front end and the target-dependent back ends. The
interface consists of shared data structures, a few functions, and a
dag language. While this approach couples the front and back ends
tightly, it results in an efficient, compact compiler. The interface
is illustrated by detailing a complete code generator that emits naive
VAS code.

This technical report has been published as
A Code Generation Interface for ANSI C. David R. Hanson and
Christopher W. Fraser, Software--Practice and
21(9) (1991) 963-988.
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