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Bakunin Data Networks: Approach to Designing Highly Available Replicated Databases (thesis)

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September 1988
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Data replication in distributed databases is used to improve availability and provide faster read access. However, new problems for database management are introduced due to the need for maintaining the consistency of replicated copies. Dealing with communication failures is one of them. For example, when
the network partitions, continued update activities may lead to data inconsistency. On the other hand, halting all updates until the network is reconnected is undesirable in many cases. This dissertation introduces a methodological framework for designing replicated databases that exhibit a high degree of availability (including the ability to make updates) in the face of communications failures that can partition the network. The framework is based on the simple notions of fragments and agents. It gives rise to a wide scope of options with varying degrees of data consistency and availability. The consistency criteria offered by these options include one-copy serializability as well as two new criteria: virtual serializability and fragmentwise serializability.

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