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Optimal Permutations on Superposed Parallel Buses

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October 1986
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The paper is concerned with the optimal schedule for the permutation of n2 data items on an n x n square grid formed by the orthogonal superposition of 2n time multiplexed buses. The upper bound is proved by showing the existence of the n + 1 cycle, uniform schedule (that is, all two-step transfers consistently row first or alternately column first) for an arbitrary permutation. The lower bound is proved by showing the non-existence of n-cycle, non-uniform schedules for some non-degenerate permutations. We also show a simple way to perform an artitrary permutation dynamically with n buffers at every bus intersection. We further show that, with specific example of permutations, the potential increase
in parallelism by dynamically partitioning the 2n buses does not lead to a further reduction in time.

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