COS 526 - Advanced Computer Graphics

Fall 2018

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Date Topic (click for notes) Readings Assignments
Wed, Sep 12 Introduction; Graphics History History of rendering (From CS6630 @ Cornell)  
Mon, Sep 17 Computational photography [Debevec 97]  
Wed, Sep 19 Image composition - beyond compositing [Pérez03], [Agarwala04], [Hays07]  
Mon, Sep 24 Texture synthesis, Patchmatch [Efros99], [Efros01], [Wei09], [Barnes09]  
Wed, Sep 26 Flash / No-flash [Petschnigg04]  
Mon, Oct 1 Mesh representation and decimation [Hoppe96], [Garland97], [Botsch08]  
Wed, Oct 3 Laplacian mesh editing [Sorkine05]  
Mon, Oct 8 Mesh analysis [Botsch08] Assignment 1 due
Wed, Oct 10 Spectral methods for meshes [Levy09], [Zhang10]  
Mon, Oct 15 3D acquisition and registration [Rusinkiewicz01], [Tam13]  
Wed, Oct 17 3D surface reconstruction [Kazhdan06], [Newcombe11]  
Mon, Oct 22 Subdivision surfaces SIGGRAPH course notes  
Wed, Oct 24 Differential Geometry and Suggestive Contours SIGGRAPH Course notes, [DeCarlo03], [Rusinkiewicz04]  
Mon, Oct 29 No class - fall break
Wed, Oct 31 No class - fall break
Mon, Nov 5 Light transport and the rendering equation [Kajiya86], [Zimmerman98]  
Wed, Nov 7 Global illumination    
Mon, Nov 12 Monte Carlo Path Tracing [Jensen03] Assignment 2 due
Wed, Nov 14 Photon Mapping [Jensen96], [Jensen01]  
Mon, Nov 19 Radiometry and Reflectance [Greenberg97]  
Wed, Nov 21 No class - happy Thanksgiving!
Mon, Nov 26 Real-time rendering    
Wed, Nov 28 Precomputation-based rendering    
Mon, Dec 3 Image-Based Rendering    
Wed, Dec 5 Managing scene complexity;
Point-Based Rendering with QSplat
Mon, Dec 10 Animation    
Wed, Dec 12 Inverse Kinematics   Assignment 3 part I
due on Friday Dec 14
Tue, Jan 15 Final projects (Assignment 3 part II) due

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