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Automatic Parallelization for GPUs

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December 2012
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GPUs are flexible parallel processors capable of accelerating real applications. To exploit them, programmers rewrite programs in new languages using intimate knowledge of the underlying hardware. This is a step backwards in abstraction and ease of use from sequential programming. When implementing sequential applications, programmers focus on high-level algorithmic concerns, allowing the compiler to target the peculiarities of specific hardware. Automatic parallelization can return ease of use and hardware abstraction to programmers. This dissertation presents techniques for automatically parallelizing ordinary sequential C codes for GPUs using DOALL and pipelined parallelization techniques. The key contributions include: the first automatic data management and communication optimization framework for GPUs and the first automatic pipeline parallelization system for GPUs. Combining these two contributions with an automatic DOALL parallelization yields the first fully automatic parallelizing compiler for GPUs.

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