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Morpheus: Making Routing Programmable

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May 2007
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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) express complex policies, affecting
everything from business relationships with their neighbors to traffic
engineering, scalability, and security, by configuring the Border Gateway
Protocol (BGP). However, the routing architecture within an ISP, coupled
with the multi-step BGP route-selection algorithm running on the routers,
imposes significant restrictions on the policies that can be realized in practice.

In this paper, we present Morpheus, a modular, open routing platform that
addresses these limitations by changing the way BGP routes are propagated
and selected within an ISP. With Morpheus, network operators can realize
many useful policies that are infeasible today through flexible composition of
multiple (possibly third-party developed) policy modules, and programming
the route-selection algorithms. Morpheus can be readily deployed without
requiring changes in other domains.

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