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Visualization of Geometric Algorithms

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January 1995
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This paper investigates the visualization of geometric algorithms. We
discuss how limiting the domain makes it possible to create a system
that enables others to use it easily. Knowledge about the domain can
be very helpful in building a system which automates large parts of
the user's task. A system can be designed to isolate the user from any
concern about how graphics is done. The application need only specify
``what'' happens and need not be concerned with ``how'' to make it
happen on the screen. We develop a conceptual model and a framework
for experimenting with it. We also present a system, GASP, which
implements this model. GASP allows quick generation of
three-dimensional geometric algorithm visualizations, even for highly
complex algorithms. It also provides a visual debugging facility for
geometric computing. We show the utility of GASP by presenting a
variety of examples.

This technical report has been published as
Visualization of Geometric Algorithms.
Ayellet Tal and David Dobkin, IEEE Trans. on Visualization and
Computer Graphics
vol. 1, no. 2, 1995.
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