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Comprehensive Kinematic Analysis of Higher Pairs with Two Degrees of Freedom

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March 1993
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We present a comprehensive kinematic analysis program for higher pairs
with two degrees of freedom, such as gears, cams, ratchets, and
escapements. The program, called HIPAIR, derives the contact
constraints and contact transitions of a pair by computing its
configuration space. It generates the contact curves of the
interacting features, finds their intersection points, and partitions
the resulting space. It derives displacement, velocity, and
acceleration plots by simulating driving motions in configuration
space. HIPAIR handles intermittent, simultaneous, and degenerate
contacts between planar and 2.5D parts. This class contains 90\% of
2.5D pairs and 80\% of all higher pairs according to our survey of
2500 mechanisms from an engineering encyclopedia. HIPAIR analyzes
pairs of average shape complexity in under five seconds on a
workstation. It facilitates the design and analysis of multipart
mechanisms that contain higher pairs. It helps designers detect part
interference, establish part clearances, identify functional surfaces,
and find jamming and lock-up configurations.

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