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Computer Science 111 Lab Manual

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August 1991
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This is the lab manual
for COS 111, an introductory course in computer science for liberal
arts students, as it was taught for the first time in the fall semester
of 1991. It includes a general introduction, topic outline, a set of
nine laboratory exercises for the NeXT, and a collection of CheatSheets
that provide supporting material for the labs. The topics are:
(1) Introduction
(2) Communications [news, mail, ftp, telnet],
(3) Graphics [PostScript, lpr, Edit, Yap, TopDraw, etc.],
(4) Presentation [WriteNow, troff, etc.]
(5) Sound [SoundEditor],
(6) Programming in C,
(7) Selection sort,
(8) More sound, using C, and
(9) Information processing [grep, wc, sort].
The lectures themselves included an introduction to complexity theory
[big-oh notation, analysis of sorting, etc.] and computability theory
[Turing machines, the halting problem, etc.].

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