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A Weinberger Array Generator

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December 1985
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The Weinberger Array Generator (WAG) is a tool for implementing random logic. Boolean equations are input, and a layout description of gates and wires (the circuit) realizing the equations is output. In the above aspects, WAG is similar to a PLA generator. The main dierence is that the Weinberger array structure allows many levels of logic, with complex gates such as NAND-of-ORs; whereas a PLA structure allows only two levels of logic, with no gates more complex than NORs. We describe our implementation of WAG, presenting issues concerning the optimization of logic, placement of gates, track assignment, and layout. Along with this, we discuss the trade-off between space requirements and
timing delays that must be considered in choosing between a PLA and a Weinberger Array structure. Finally, we discuss possible improvements and uses for WAG.

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