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Thomas Funkhouser inducted into SIGGRAPH Academy

Thomas Funkhouser was inducted into the inaugural class of the newly formed "SIGGRAPH Academy" at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver.

Tom Funkhouser receiving a plaque

Prof Thomas Funkhouser at the SIGGRAPH Academy induction ceremony
​photo by John Fuji

Professor Funkhouser was inducted for work in 3D shape-based retrieval and analysis, and for work on interactive systems for both visual and acoustic modeling of complex virtual environments.

Induction to the SIGGRAPH Academy is based on "cumulative contributions to the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques, impact on the field through development of new research directions and/or innovations, and influence on the work of others."   At the most recent SIGGRAPH, approximately 60 people were inducted into the academy to account for contributions over the past 35 years, including all winners of major SIGGRAPH awards.  In upcoming years, a selection committee will elect 5-8 new members per year. 

For the full list of inductees, click here.

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