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Prof. Kyle Jamieson and team receive funding through the University’s Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund

Six research-stage technologies with promise to benefit society as future products or services have been selected to receive funding through Princeton University’s Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund.

The selected technologies range from ones aimed at treating human disease to ones that improve our access to information, cool buildings using less energy, and improve the safety and efficiency of transportation systems. One of these technologies is a high-density Wi-Fi network for urban transit corridors developed by Prof. Kyle Jamieson and team.  

A system that makes Wi-Fi widely available along commuter rail lines and other transit corridors could make dropped calls and spotty data transmission a thing of the past.

The system, developed by Kyle Jamieson and his team, takes advantage of low-cost Wi-Fi chipsets to create high-density Wi-Fi coverage by enabling the rapid handoff of data packets from one access point, or geographical area, to the next.

The team has developed algorithms that predict where the user’s device will be over the next tens of milliseconds, intelligently routing each packet to the best access point for delivery to the user’s mobile device. The system targets rapid-transit corridors such as light-rail systems and, in the future, could be used in autonomous vehicles.

For the full list of projects to receive funding, click here.

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