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Course Schedule: Fall 2023

COS 109Computers in Our WorldB. KernighanMW 1:30-2:50FC008
COS 126Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary ApproachA. Kaplan, S. Caldes, D. Gabai
COS 217Introduction to Programming SystemsS. Rusinkiewicz, C. MorettiMW 10:00-10:50FC101
COS 226Algorithms and Data StructuresK. Wayne, M. Dall'Agnol, P. ParedesTTh 11:00-12:20FC101
COS 231An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences I (See ISC231)MWF 10:00-10:50
COS 232An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences I (See ISC232)TTh 10:00-10:50
COS 240Reasoning About ComputationR. Raz, I. PetrasMW 3:00-4:20CS104
COS 302Mathematics for Numerical Computing and Machine LearningR. AdamsMW 11:00-12:20FC006
COS 306Contemporary Logic Design (See ECE206)TTh 1:30-2:50FC101
COS 314Computer and Electronic Music through Programming, Performance, and Composition (See MUS314)Th 1:30-4:20EMB036
COS 316Principles of Computer System DesignA. Levy, R. NetravaliTTh 10:00-10:50FC101
COS 323Computing and Optimization for the Physical and Social Sciences (See ORF363)TTh 1:30-2:50FC008
COS 324Introduction to Machine LearningJ. Deng, R. Fong, V. RamaswamyMW 1:30-2:50FC101
COS 326Functional ProgrammingA. AppelMW 10:00-10:50CS105
COS 333Advanced Programming TechniquesD. Walker, R. DonderoTTh 3:00-4:20CS104
COS 346Introduction to Robotics (See MAE345)TTh 3:00-4:20FC006
COS 350Ethics of ComputingA. NarayananTTh 11:00-12:20MC28
COS 360Computational Models of Cognition (See PSY360)T. GriffithsTTh 1:30-2:50PNIA32
COS 375Computer Architecture and OrganizationD. AugustTTh 1:30-2:50JAA10
COS 396Introduction to Quantum Computing (See ECE396)MW 11:00-12:20FC004
COS 397Junior Independent Work (B.S.E. candidates only)
COS 426Computer GraphicsA. FinkelsteinTTh 3:00-4:20FC101
COS 434Theoretical Machine Learning (See ECE434)F 1:30-4:20CS104
COS 436Human-Computer InteractionA. Monroy-Hernández, P. AbtahiTTh 1:30-2:20CS104
COS 448Innovating Across Technology, Business, and MarketplacesJ. Singh, R. FishMW 11:00-12:20PH145
COS 455Introduction to Genomics and Computational Molecular Biology (See QCB455)M. Singh, J. Akey, C. McWhiteTTh 11:00-12:20IL101
COS 470Principles of Blockchains (See ECE470)TTh 11:00-12:20FC006
COS 487Theory of ComputationG. KolTTh 3:00-4:20AC017
COS 497Senior Independent Work (B.S.E. candidates only)
COS 511Theoretical Machine LearningC. JinF 1:30-4:20CS104
COS 514Fundamentals of Deep LearningS. AroraMW 3:00-4:30FC006
COS 516Automated Reasoning about SoftwareA. GuptaMW 11:00-12:20EQE225
COS 521Advanced Algorithm DesignH. YuMW 1:30-2:50TL003
COS 533Advanced CryptographyA. LombardiTTh 1:30-2:50GN0-S-9
COS 551Introduction to Genomics and Computational Molecular BiologyM. Singh, J. Akey, C. McWhiteTTh 11:00-12:20IL101
COS 572Safety-Critical Robotic Systems (See ECE532)MW 1:30-2:50FC112
COS 590Extramural Research InternshipK. Jamieson
COS 597AAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Long Term Memory in AI - Vector Search and DatabasesE. LibertyF 8:30-11:30GN0-S-6
COS 597BAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Computational Models of CognitionT. GriffithsTh 3:00-4:00PNIA02
COS 597FAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Embodied Language UnderstandingK. NarasimhanF 1:30-4:30
COS 597GAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Understanding Large Language ModelsD. ChenTTh 10:30-11:50
COS 597MAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Privacy in the World of Big DataA. KorolovaW 2:00-4:50
COS 597NAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Machine Learning for Structural BiologyE. ZhongTh 3:00-5:00FC007
COS 597OAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Deep Generative Models:Methods, Applications & Societal ConsiderationsA. DiengTTh 1:30-2:50RH001
COS 597PSpecial Topics in Information Sciences and Systems: Security and Performance Challenges in Networked Systems (See ECE539B)M. ApostolakiMW 11:00-12:20AB216
COS 597QAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: AI Safety and AlignmentE. HazanW 1:30-4:20RH016
COS 597RAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Inference in Action: Probabilistic Topics in Reinforcement LearningB. EysenbachMW 1:30-2:50FC006

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