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Course Catalog

This catalog is a list of courses that the department may offer in a given year. Not all courses in the catalog are offered every year.

If you are looking for current course information:
-View the Registrar's course offerings page for courses offered this semester.
-Students and faculty can refer to the Undergraduate Announcement for the academic year undergraduate course information.

Undergraduate courses are in the 100 - 400 listing. Graduate courses are in the 400 - 500 listing.

COS583 - Great Moments in Computing

Course covers pivotal developments in computing, including hardware, software, and theory. Material will be covered by reading seminal papers, patents, and descriptions of highly-influential architectures. Course emphasizes a deep understanding of the discoveries and inventions that brought computer systems to where they are today, and class is discussion-oriented. Final project or paper required. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates from ELE, COS, and related fields welcome.

Cross-listed as ELE583.

Prerequisite(s): COS 217 and 226 or equivalent. Undergrads: Juniors and seniors only

COS589 - Extramural Summer Research Project

Summer research project designed in conjunction with the student's advisor and an industrial, NGO, or government sponsor that will provide practical experience relevant to the student's research area. Start date no earlier than June 1. A final paper is required.

COS590 - Extramural Research Internship

One-term full time research internship at a host institution to perform scholarly research directly relevant to a student's dissertation work. Research objectives will be determined by the student's advisor in consultation with the outside host. Monthly progress reports and a final paper are required. Enrollment limited to post-generals students. Students will be permitted to enroll in this one-semester course at most twice. Participation will be considered exceptional.

COS591, 592 - Seminar in Computer Systems

Discussion and study of problems and research results of current interest in computer systems.

COS593, 594 - Advanced Topics in the Theory of Algorithms

Topics in computational complexity, the analysis of algorithms, and other areas of theoretical computer science.

Prerequisite(s): COS487 or equivalent

COS595, 596 - Advanced Topics in Software Systems

Research-oriented topics in the design and implementation of software systems. Specific topics are determined by the current literature and by student and faculty interest.

Prerequisite(s): COS226, COS318, COS320

COS597, 598 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Topics involving current research in computer science and applications in other fields. Click here to see recently taught topics.

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