COS518: Advanced Computer Systems (Spring 2019)


Please check the following syllabus frequently as we will be updating assigned readings throughout the course. Signup for readings on Piazza.

Lectures and related materials are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, attributed to Michael Freedman, Princeton University.

Student presentations should be 10-12 minutes and follow this format.

Date Lecture topic Reading topic Readings (everyone) Readings (sign-up)
M 02/04 Introduction [pdf] [pptx] Introduction
W 02/06 Naming and weak consistency [pdf] [pptx] Naming
M 02/11 Strong consistency [pdf] [pptx] Weak consistency
W 02/13 Consensus [pdf] [pptx] Strong consistency
F 02/15 Team selections due
M 02/18 Transactions [pdf] [pptx] Consensus
W 02/20 Transactions 2 [pdf] [pptx] Transactions
M 02/25 Indexing: BTrees and LSMs [pdf] [pptx] Transactions 2
W 02/27 Column stores [pdf] [pptx] Indexing and K-V Stores
F 03/01 Project proposals due
M 03/04 Snow day - class cancalled
W 03/06 Modern Storage: Flash and NVM [pdf] [pptx] Column stores
Big Data
M 03/11 Modern Infra: Caching and Distributed Queues [pdf] [pptx] Modern Storage: Flash and NVM
W 03/13 Batch processing [pdf] [pptx] Modern Infra: Caching and Distributed Queues
F 03/15 Finalize project proposal
M 03/18 Spring Break
W 03/20 Spring Break
M 03/25 Stream processing [pdf] [pptx] Batch processing
W 03/27 Scheduling [pdf] [pptx] Stream processing
M 04/01 Coding in systems [pdf] [pptx] Scheduling
W 04/03 Distributed hash tables [pdf] [pptx] Coding in systems
M 04/08 Content-delivery systems (designs) [pdf] [pptx] Distributed hash tables
W 04/10 Content delivery systems (experiences) [pdf] [pptx] Content-delivery systems (designs)
M 04/15 Security and secure systems [pdf] [pptx] Content delivery systems (experiences)
W 04/17 Interim project presentations
M 04/22 No lecture - work on projects
W 04/24 Bitcoin and blockchains [pdf] [pptx] Security and secure systems
M 04/29 Anonymity systems [pdf] [pptx] Bitcoin and blockchains
W 05/01 Computing on small devices (Amit Levy guest lecture)
M 05/13 Final project presentation (9am-12pm)
Tu 05/14 Final project report due (Dean's date)

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