Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 423
Theory of Algorithms

Robert Tarjan

Spring 2009


Your score will be based on both correctness and on the clarity and conciseness of your exposition. On problem sets allowing collaboration, you may discuss the problems with others and consult reference materials. However, your solution write-ups should be entirely your own, and you should carefully cite outside sources of ideas, whether they are friends, research papers, or books. To learn the most, you should first try each problem entirely on your own, without outside help. On problem sets not allowing collaboration, all your ideas and all your work should be your own.

Late Problem Sets: Problem Sets will be due on Wednesday at the beginning of class. You may turn them in the following Monday for half credit. Any late submissions will receive no credit, unless there are serious extenuating circumstances.

2/11 Problem Set 1  
2/18 Problem Set 2  
2/25 Problem Set 3 Includes revised version of Problem 1 from Problem Set 2
3/4 Problem Set 4  
3/11 Problem Set 5  
4/1 Problem Set 6  
4/8 Problem Set 7  
4/13 (Proposal)
5/12 (Submission)
Optional Final Project  
4/15 Problem Set 8  
4/23 Problem Set 9  
5/18 Problem Set 10 (Final Take-Home Exercise)