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cos 495 - Autonomous Robot Navigation


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The last 1-2 hours of each class will consist of lab work. Students must present experiment results on the final day of each lab, and hand in a lab write-up one week after the final day of each lab.


The robot used for this course is the X80 developed by Dr Robot.  A manual with documentation for programming can be found here.

There are several files required for running the base codes on your personal computer. For Windows XP, install packages from here. Open up the software folder and run the setup file.

For Windows 7, two packages from Dr. Robot are required. They can be installed in this order: First Install, then Second Install. Open up the software folder and run the setup file. Please do not install Dr. Robot's Windows 7 installation which doesn't work with our robots.

If you need MVS, you can download from Princeton's msdnaa site.

Lab Documentation

Fri. Sept. 16:           Lab 00        Introduction to the Iver2 AUV: Manual 00,

Mon. Sept. 19:         Lab 01        AUV Yaw Control: Slides 01, Manual 01, Base Code 01

Mon. Sept. 26:         Lab 02        AUV Point Tracking Manual 02

Mon. Sept. 26:         Lab 03        AUV Navigation Manual 03

Mon. Oct. 10:           Lab 04        Introduction to the X80: Manual 04, Base Code 04

Mon. Oct. 17:           Lab 05        Odometry Localization: Manual 05

Mon. Nov. 7:            Lab 06        Point Tracking: Manual 06

Mon. Nov. 21:          Lab 07         PF Localization: Manual 07

Wed. Dec. 11:           Lab 08         Motion Planning : Manual 08

news | administrative info. | lectures | labs | competition