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cos 495 - Autonomous Robot Navigation


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On Wed. January 11th at 10:00am, we will conduct our Autonomous Navigation Competition. Robots will compete in matches that will qualify them for the championship competition. During each match, robots will navigate a maze to pass over preset landmarks. The most number of landmarks visited in the allowed time wins the match.

2012 COURSE DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sample Course

The 2012 course consisted of the following task points which can be found here.

    -code for  Map.cpp

    -code for Landmark.h

    -You must also increase the maxNumMapSegments and maxNumLandmarks to 20 in Map.h

    -ATTENTION! In the semi-final and final matches, Segment 15 will physically disappear after 2 minutes have passed! At this point, robots may score 4 points if they reach target T3 in the opponents territory, (note: no other points can be awarded from the other robot's territory). Robots running into other robots will lose 2 points for every collision. (i.e. if a robot is heading towards the other robot, it is penalized 2 points, if it is running away from the other robot, it will not be penalized for a collision).

The target locations are:

     T0 (-1.5, -/+2.1)    1 point

     T1 (-0.6, -/+2.1)    1 point

     T2 (0.2, -/+2.0)    1 point

     T3 (0.2, -/+1.15)    4 point

     T4 (-0.4, -/+0.8)    1 point

     T5 (1.2, -/+2.1)     1 point

     T6 (1.5, -/+1.5)    2 points

     T7 (-0.9, -/+0.9)    2 points

     T8 (1.5, -/+0.3)    2 points

     T9 (-1.5, -/+0.3)    5 points

The course will be a mostly enclosed environment consisting of 1 foot high walls.

The robot must start each match at target T0 (-1.5, -/+2.1).


  • The 2012 course details will be released 24 hours before the competition.

  • Each match will last 3 minutes. Points will not be awarded or deducted after the 3 minute timer ends.

  • During each match, points will be awarded as follows:

           -2.5 points gained for entering match and "trying" to visit task points.

           -1 point gained for each target reached, plus any bonus points for specific targets.

           -1 point deducted for collisions with a wall.

           -0.25 points deducted for each button pressed on the GUI (except the first which has no deductions).

  • Targets are considered "reached" by the robot, if the robot drives over it such that the target lies within the footprint of the robot.

  • The robot may not be altered except to add non functioning payload of no more than 1 pound in weight. The payload must be able to be removed without damaging the robot. The payload must sit on top of the robot, and be placed within the plate attachment screws and X80 name plate.

  • You may use any algorithms you want. A*, odometry localization etc.

  • You will be disqualified for intentionally knocking down walls or interfering other robots.

  • Ties are broken in matches by determining who got points first.

Qualification play

In the beginning each team will have two matches. From these two matches, the 4 teams with the most points will qualify for the tournament.

Tournament play

The tournament will consist of 2 semi-final matches, followed by a bronze medal match, and finally a gold medal match. The losers from the 2 semi-final matches will compete in the bronze medal match. The winners from the 2 semi-final matches will compete in the gold medal match.   


Judges will be conducted by the Instructor. No ruling may be contested.

Course Marks

The total marks is out of 10. For the qualifying round, you have potential to get a maximum of 9 marks. :

2 marks       -for participating in each qualifying match

0.5 marks    -for each point obtained in qualifying match

Example 1, if you get 3 points in match 1 and 3 points in match 2, then you get 7 marks total from the qualification round.

Example 2, if you get 3 points in match 1 and 7 points in match 2, then you get 8.5 marks total.

Example 3, if you get 2.5 points in match 1 and 2.5 points in match 2, then you get 6.5 marks total.


For the tournament round, where the top 4 teams will compete in 2 matches, you have potential to get an additional 2 marks. :

0.25 marks  -for losing a match

0.75 marks  -for winning a match




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