COS-461 Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change. Reading assignments refer to the Peterson/Davie book (5th edition), unless otherwise specified.

Lectures and related materials are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, attributed to Michael Freedman and Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University.

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Date Topics Readings Notes
Protocol Layers (Link, Network, Transport, and Application)
Mon 02/03 Course Overview [pdf] [ppt] 1.3 Optionally read Internet history
Wed 02/05 University closed for winter storm
Fri 02/07 Socket Programming [pdf] [ppt] 1.4 Optionally read Beej's guide
Mon 02/10 Link Layer [pdf] [ppt] Skim 2.1 - 2.2 (links), 2.6 (Ethernet)
Wed 02/12 Network Layer [pdf] [ppt] 3.2.1 - 3.2.5 (IP), 3.4 (routers) Optionally read design philosophy of DARPA Internet protocols
Fri 02/14 HTTP Application Layer and Assn 0 [pdf] [ppt] 9.1.2 (HTTP) Assignment 0, Sockets (Due 2/13)
Mon 02/17 Transport Layer [pdf] [ppt] 5.1 (UDP), 5.2 (TCP) Optionally read HTTP/TCP interaction
Distributed Resource Allocation (Data and Control Planes)
Wed 02/19 Congestion Control on Hosts [pdf] [ppt] 6.3 (TCP congestion control), 6.4 (congestion avoidance)
Fri 02/21 fork, wireshark, and TCP congestion control problems [pdf] [ppt]
Mon 02/24 Queue Management on Links [pdf] [ppt] 6.2 (queuing disciplines), 6.5 (QoS)
Reaching Remote End-Points (Discovery and Routing)
Wed 02/26 Discovery [pdf] [ppt] 3.2.6 (ARP), 3.2.7 (DHCP), 9.3.1 (DNS)
Fri 02/28 Practice questions on queuing and link scheduling [pdf] [ppt]
Mon 03/03 Routing [ppt] 3.3 (routing), 4.1 (global Internet)
Wed 03/05 Routing Convergence [pdf] [ppt] Optionally read sub-section convergence
Fri 03/07 Practice questions on routing dynamics [pdf] [ppt] Assignment 1, Webproxy (Due 3/6)
Mon 03/10 Host Mobility [pdf] [ppt] 4.4 (routing among mobile devices)
Wed 03/12 Multicast and Anycast [pdf] [ppt] 4.2 (multicast)
Fri 03/14 Midterm 10am (CS 105), 11am (McCosh 28)
Mon 03/17 Spring Break
Wed 03/19 Spring Break
Fri 03/21 Spring Break
Internet Applications (CDN, P2P, overlay networks)
Mon 03/24 Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) [pdf] [ppt] Optionally read Akamai network
Wed 03/26 Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) [pdf] [ppt] 9.4.2 (peer-to-peer networks), 9.4.1 (routing overlays) Optionally read Chord
Fri 03/28 Applications of DHTs [ppt]
Mon 03/31 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing [pdf] [ppt] Optionally read BitTyrant
Wed 04/02 Datacenter KV, Time, and Versioning [pdf] [ppt] Optionally read Amazon Dynamo
Fri 04/04 RPCs and Serialization [pdf] [pptx] Assignment 2, Router (Due 4/4)
Network Case Studies
Mon 04/07 Datacenter Networks [pdf] [ppt] Optionally read Cisco's primer Part 1 and Part 2
Wed 04/09 Wireless Networks [pdf] [ppt] 2.7 (wireless)
Fri 04/11 Practice questions on wireless [pdf] [pptx]
Mon 04/14 Ad-hoc Networks [pdf] [pptx]
Wed 04/16 Backbone Networks [pdf] [ppt] 4.1.2. (BGP), 4.3 (MPLS) Optionally read BGP Policy
Network Security
Fri 04/18 Crypto [pdf] [ppt] 8.1 (crypto), 8.2 (key distribution), 8.3 (authentication)
Mon 04/21 Securing Communication Protocols [pdf] [ppt] 8.4 (example systems)
Wed 04/23 Interdomain Routing Security [pdf] [ppt]
Final Topics
Fri 04/25 Internet Measurement [pdf] [ppt]
Mon 04/28 Software-Defined Networking [pdf] [ppt] Assignment 3, TCP (Due 4/27)
Wed 04/30 Course Wrap-Up [pdf] [ppt]
Fri 05/02 Open question period
Mon 05/05 Reading Period
Wed 05/07 Reading Period
Fri 05/09 Reading Period
Tue 05/13 Assignment 4, BGP (Due Dean's Date, 5/13)
Wed 05/21 Final 9am (Friend 101)

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