COS424: Interacting with Data

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Note: this syllabus is tentative and subject to change. Some readings are available from from blackboard using your OIT userID and password.

Day Topic Reading Notes
Tu 2/5 Introduction notes
Th 2/7 Probability and statistics review (I) Freedman,D. (1994). Some issues on the foundation of statistics. (optional) slides
notes (Paranada)
notes (Kim)
Tu 2/12 Probability and statistics review (II) notes (Soroka and Tsinis)
Th 2/14 Naive Bayes classification notes (Ho and Ye)
Tu 2/19 Support vector machines Burges, C. (1998). A tutorial on support vector machines for pattern recognition. (read pp 1-10.) notes (Lloyd and Terrace)
Th 2/21 Kernel methods and boosting Schapire, R. (2003). The boosting approach to machine learning: An overview. notes (Tan)
Tu 2/26 More boosting notes (Seidel and DiFiore)
Th 2/28 K-means clustering and agglomerative clustering notes (Pop and Kim)
Tu 3/4 Agglomerative clustering (cont) and mixture models notes (An and Mutungu)
Th 3/6 Mixture modeling notes (Golightly and Prabhu)
slides of examples
Tu 3/11 Expectation maximization notes (Luo)
notes (Mackowski)
Th 3/13 Hidden Markov models Bishop Ch 13 (on blackboard, under e-reserves) notes (Yun-En and Ashwin)
SPRING BREAK 3/18 and 3/20
Tu 3/25 Hidden Markov models (II) notes (Savir and Simon)
Th 3/27 Hidden Markov models (III) notes (Wolf and Hsu)
Tu 4/1 Linear regression Hastie et al. (41-65)
Hastie et al. (115-120)
Bishop (137-152)
notes (Chen and Huang)
Th 4/3 Linear regression (II) notes (Lee)
notes (DeCoro)
See slides above
Tu 4/8 Linear regression (III) notes (Herbach and Gorman)
See slides above
Th 4/10 Logistic regression Ch 13 from Wasserman's "All of Statistics"
(The reading is under "Course Materials." Focus on the section on logistic regression.)
notes (DiMaggio)
notes (Hung)
Tu 4/15 Generalized linear models McCullagh and Nelder, Chapter 2 notes (Polatkan)
Th 4/17 Applications : Computer vision
(Guest: Prof. Fei-Fei Li)
Optional readings:
Fei-Fei et al. (2006)
Fei-Fei and Perona (2005)
Viola and Jones
Blei et al. (2003)
Tu 4/22 Applications : Neuroscience
(Guest: Prof. Kenneth Norman)
Th 4/24 Principal components analysis Hastie et al. (485--502) notes (Bell and Pop)
Tu 4/29 Factor analysis
Th 5/1 Topic models (and class summary)