COS 323 - Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences

Fall 2009

Use C, C++, or Java for the first three assignments, and Matlab for the last one.

There is no formal textbook for the course, but the Numerical Recipes series of books contains a good deal of information, code, and references on many of the algorithms we'll be discussing. The book is available at most bookstores, or there's an online version of the C (and Fortran, but not C++) books.

Date Main Topic    ...    Supplementary Material Assignments
Thu, Sep 17 Course mechanics, introduction to modeling  
Tue, Sep 22 Simulation, population genetics    notes (epidemics)    notes (pop. genetics)  
Thu, Sep 24 Using random numbers    notes (RNGs)    plotting    workshop/epidemiology  
Tue, Sep 29 Interpreting results, descriptive statistics    notes (statistics)    notes (binomial)  
Thu, Oct 1 Simulation: some examples  
Tue, Oct 6 Integration*    notes (integ.)    notes (Simpson)    Black-Scholes73    symbolic computation    666 Assignment 1 due
Thu, Oct 8 Root finding, 1-d*    notes (root finding)    Press et al. example zoom zoom    N-R basins    lots of zeros  
Tue, Oct 13 Optimization (1-d)*    notes (Optimization)  
Thu, Oct 15 higher dimensions (con't)    animation (wikipedia)    examples: umich    IIR filters  
Tue, Oct 20 Constrained optimization, linear programming    examples: diet$   portfolio$    FIR filters  
     con't NP-completeness (sketch)    local search applications:    min-cost networks  
     con't nat. gas pipelines    flowshop problem    gatech/proctor & gamble  
Thu, Oct 22 ODEs, basics    notes (ODEs)    notes (ODEs)    ODEs in Matlab and Maple    ditto    H1N1 study  
Tue, Oct 27 notes (accuracy and stability) Assignment 2 due
Thu, Oct 29 Chaos    notes (chaos)    chaos    Phillips curve    Barry Adams site    CAs    sonification    nonlinear pendulum  
Tue, Nov 3 No class - fall break  
Thu, Nov 5 No class - fall break  
Tue, Nov 10 PDEs    notes (PDEs)  
Thu, Nov 12 PDEs cont., heat & wave eqns.    notes (PDEs)    more    Dan Russell   2 waves   string   membrane  
Tue, Nov 17 Solitons¶    FPU 55    Dauxois08    Soliton computing: up to 2001   up to 2008   soliton collision  
Thu, Nov 19 Sampling, DFT, FFT¶    notes (sampling, etc.)    sampling and aliasing*    Northern Cardinal  
Tue, Nov 24 using the FFT¶    notes (using the FFT, etc.)    matlab intro§    Cardinal II Assignment 3 due
Thu, Nov 26 No class - Thanksgiving break  
Tue, Dec 1 more on using the FFT¶  
Thu, Dec 3 Signal processing*    notes (2-D FFT and image processing)    two dies    Brayer/unm   goofy    jpg (Smith)  
Tue, Dec 8 Local search¶    Solving linear systems*    examples    Great Lakes  
Thu, Dec 10 Data modeling and least squares fitting*   more least squares*  
Tue, Dec 15 More approaches to "intractable" problems¶    Linear systems: iterative and sparse methods*    Lord Kelvin¶    Japan    Assignment 4 due
Thu, Dec 17 Discussion of student term paper proposals Project prop. due
Reading per. Term paper presentations, click here for schedule Presentation due
Tue, Jan 12 Dean's date Project due

   * = Szymon Rusinkiewicz    $ = Robert Vanderbei    § = Sina Jafarpour    ¶ = new or in progress

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