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Systems & Networking

Research in systems and networking focuses on the design of and interconnections between myriad kinds of computational infrastructure and devices: examples include global-scale databases, data centers, the wireless radio access edge, and low-power embedded devices. The goal of research in this domain is to design, build, and experimentally evaluate ever more high-performance, reliable, and secure systems and networks.

Systems and networking research at Princeton includes work on distributed systems, operating systems, storage systems, networking and network architectures, mobile and wireless systems, embedded/low-power networked systems, and protocol design.

Associated Faculty

Associated Graduate Students

  • Shai Caspin
  • Kun Woo Cho
  • Samuel Ginzburg
  • Fengchen Gong
  • Sai Srikar Kasi
  • Rui Pan
  • Andrew Sheinberg
  • Yue Tan


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