COS518: Advanced Computer Systems (Spring 2017)


Please check the following syllabus frequently as we will be updating assigned readings throughout the course.

Lectures and related materials are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, attributed to Michael Freedman, Princeton University.

Date Lecture topic Reading topic Readings (everyone) Readings (sign-up)
M 02/06 Introduction [pdf] [pptx] Introduction
W 02/08 Naming and weak consistency [pdf] [pptx] Naming
F 02/10 Team selections due
M 02/13 Strong consistency [pdf] [pptx] Weak consistency
W 02/15 Consensus [pdf] [pptx] Strong consistency
M 02/20 Transactions [pdf] [pptx] Consensus
W 02/22 Transactions 2, Log-based storage [pdf] [pptx] Transactions
F 02/24 Project proposals due
M 02/27 Column stores [pdf] [pptx] K-V stores
W 03/01 Flash [pdf] [pptx] Column stores
F 03/03 Finalize project proposal
M 03/06 Caching [pdf] [pptx] Flash
W 03/08 Batch processing [pdf] [pptx] Caching
M 03/13 Interim project presentations
Big Data
W 03/15 Stream processing [pdf] [pptx] Batch processing
M 03/20 Spring Break
W 03/22 Spring Break
M 03/27 Graph processing [pdf] [pptx] Stream processing
W 03/29 Machine learning [pdf] [pptx] Graph processing
M 04/03 Machine Learning
W 04/05 Scheduling [pdf] [pptx] Geo-distributed computation
M 04/10 Scheduling
W 04/12 Distributed hash tables [pdf] [pptx] Pub/sub
M 04/17 Content delivery [pdf] [pptx] Distributed hash tables
W 04/19 Security [pdf] [pptx] Content delivery
M 04/24 Security
W 04/26 Blockchain + Blockstack (Guest - Muneeb Ali) Blockchain
M 05/01 Privacy/anonymity [pdf] [pptx] Blockchain
M 05/03 Privacy/anonymity
Tu 05/16 Final project report due

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