COS-561 Syllabus

This schedule and syllabus are preliminary and likely to change, especially in the second half of the term.

Date Topics Read Other
Thu 09/11 Course Introduction
How to Read, Efficient Reading join the course mailing list and join the GradNetworks Emulab project
Tue 09/16 Overview: Addressing ARPANET-Philosophy, E2E-Argument optionally read InternetHistory
Thu 09/18 Overview: Routers Click optionally read 50GbpsRouter
Tue 09/23 Overview: TCP/IP CerfKahnIP watch TuringLecture05 (using RealPlayer)
Thu 09/25 Overview: Congestion Control JacobsonTCP optionally read HTTP-TCP-Interact and DecongestionControl
Tue 09/30 Overview: Naming MockapetrisDNS submit Homework #1 and optionally read DanzigMeasurement
Thu 10/02 Overview: Routing E2E-Behavior
Tue 10/07 Overview: Routing InternetInstability optionally read CaesarSurvey
Thu 10/09 Routing: Security PG-BGP read YouTube hijacking and optionally watch S-BGP/soBGP video
Tue 10/14 Routing: Multipath PathSplicing, ACR optionally read HeSurvey
Thu 10/16 Routing: Traffic Engineering TeXCP optionally read ARPANET-Routing and FortzSurvey
Tue 10/21 Routing: Interdomain Architecture IntelligentRCP, HLP optionally read NIRA
Thu 10/23 Network Measurement AT&T-Measurements finalize project proposal
Tue 10/28 Fall recess No class have fun
Thu 10/30 Fall recess No class have fun
Tue 11/04 Addressing: Anycast GlobalAnycast optionally read AnycastRevisited
Thu 11/06 SEATTLE (Changhoon Kim) FloodlessInSEATTLE optionally read Chord
Tue 11/11 Addressing: Flat Identifiers ROFL optionally read SFR
Thu 11/13 Addressing: Indirection I3
Tue 11/18 Guest Lecture: Mike Freedman OneHopReputation
Thu 11/20 Traffic Attraction in BGP (Sharon Goldberg) TrafficAttraction (read Introduction)
Tue 11/25 Simplicity in Complex Networks (Mung Chiang) DesignForOptimizability optionally read LayeringAsOptimization (first eight pages)
Thu 11/27 Thanksgiving Recess No class have fun
Tue 12/02 Cancelled No class
Thu 12/04 Cancelled No class
Tue 12/09 Programmability: Active Nets TowardActiveNetArch optionally read SmithSurvey
Thu 12/11 Programmability: Network Virtualization InternetImpasse, GENI Principles, CABO optionally read VINI (first three sections) and LookingOverFence
Tue 01/13 Project Reports Due Dean's date
Fri 01/16 Future Research Directions TussleInCyberspace optionally read InternetOnlyJustWorks
Thu 01/22 Project presentations (11:30am-1:30pm, lunch included)