COS-561 Semester Project

The semester-long project in COS-561 is an open-ended networking research project, interpreted broadly. Students registered for a A-F grade must take part in a project, either alone or in groups; students merely auditing the class are excused from the project. The project must include some sort of quantitative performance evaluation via simulation (e.g., ns-2), emulation (e.g., Emulab), or deployment (e.g., PlanetLab or VINI).

The project time-line is as follows:

Project Management

You should strongly consider using either CVS or Subversion to perform source code control for your project and the paper you write describing it, especially if you are doing a group project. The CS department has a CVS server you can use to store and maintain your CVS repository.

I also strongly suggest writing your course project report using LaTeX. Latex is the de-facto tool used to write CS research papers. While it has a bit of start up cost, it's much easier to collaboratively write complex research papers using LaTeX than using Word.

Project Presentation Schedule