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Graduate Alumni


Minlan Yu

Adviser: Rexford, Jennifer
Degree: PhD, 2011 , Thesis: Scalable Management of Enterprise and Data-Center Networks

Wei Dong

Adviser: Li, Kai
Degree: PhD, 2011 , Thesis: High-Dimensional Similarity Search for Large Datasets

William Josephson

Adviser: Li, Kai
Degree: PhD, 2011 , Thesis: A Direct-Access File System for a New Generation of Flash Memory (thesis)

Indraneel Mukherjee

Adviser: Schapire, Robert
Degree: PhD, 2011 , Thesis: Game Theory and Optimization in Boosting

Sina Jafarpour

Adviser: Robert Calderbank
Degree: PhD, 2011 , Thesis: Deterministic Compressed Sensing


Mohammad Mahmoody Ghidary

Adviser: Barak, Boaz
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: Studies in the Efficiency and (versus) Security of Cryptographic Tasks (thesis)

Umar Syed

Adviser: Schapire, Robert
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: Reinforcement Learning Without Rewards

David Steurer

Adviser: Arora, Sanjeev
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: On the Complexity of Unique Games and Graph Expansion

Jordan Boyd-Graber

Adviser: Blei, David
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: Linguistic Extensions of Topic Models (thesis)

Aleksey Golovinskiy

Adviser: Funkhouser, Thomas
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: Analysis of Global Properties of Shapes (thesis)

Wolfgang Mulzer

Adviser: Chazelle, Bernard
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: Low-Entropy Computational Geometry (thesis)

Christopher Richards

Adviser: Appel, Andrew
Degree: PhD, 2010 , Thesis: The Approximation Modality in Models of Higher-Order Types (thesis)

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