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Graduate Alumni


Nayden Nedev

Adviser: Walker, David
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: Parallel Consistent Network Updates

Siyu Liu

Adviser: Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: Localization by Feature matching in Near-Random Textures

Sasha Koruga

Adviser: Troyanskaya, Olga
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: BioTurk: Crowd-Sourcing Biological Pathways

Siddhartha Sen

Advisers: Tarjan, Robert, Freedman, Michael
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: New Systems and Algorithms for Scalable Fault Tolerance

Arpan Ghosh

Adviser: Mung Chiang
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: Twicker: Tracking the Pulse of Business with Twitter

Mark Browning

Adviser: Finkelstein, Adam
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: Keyframe Animation Using Motion Guided Morphs

Dushyant Arora

Adviser: Rexford, Jennifer
Degree: MSE, 2013 , Thesis: PARIS: ProActive Routing in Scalable Data Centers

Berk Kapicioglu

Adviser: Schapire, Robert
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: Applications of Machine Learning to Location Data

Prakash Prabhu

Adviser: August, David
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: Semantic Language Extensions for Implicit Parallel Programming

Rong Ge

Adviser: Arora, Sanjeev
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: Provable Algorithms for Machine Learning Problems

Peng Jiang

Adviser: Singh, Mona
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: Combinatorial code analysis for understanding biological regulation

Thomas Jablin

Adviser: August, David
Degree: PhD, 2013 , Thesis: Automatic Parallelization for GPUs


Jeffrey Terrace

Adviser: Freedman, Michael
Degree: PhD, 2012 , Thesis: Content Conditioning and Distribution for Dynamic Virtual Worlds

Joseph Calandrino

Adviser: Felten, Edward
Degree: PhD, 2012 , Thesis: Control of Sensitive Data in Systems with Novel Functionality

Jimin Song

Adviser: Singh, Mona
Degree: PhD, 2012 , Thesis: Network-based Analysis of Protein Function

Aditya Bhaskara

Adviser: Charikar, Moses
Degree: PhD, 2012 , Thesis: Finding Dense Structures in Graphs and Matrices

Yun Zhang

Adviser: August, David
Degree: PhD, 2012 , Thesis: Runtime Speculative Software-only Fault Tolerance

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