Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Advanced Topics in Computer Science: 
Geometric Modeling and Analysis
CS597D, Fall 2003

Thomas Funkhouser


Large databases of 3D data are becoming common in several fields, including computer graphics, computer-aided design, molecular biology, paleontology, and medicine. This course will study algorithms for geometric analysis and retrieval of 3D shapes from these databases. The focus of study will be recent methods for matching, registering, recognizing, classifying, clustering, segmenting, and understanding 3D data. Toward the end of the semester, guest lecturers will lead discussions on applications of 3D shape analysis. Coursework will include reading/presenting research papers and executing course projects of the students' choosing. The course is open to undergraduates and graduate students from all fields.  

Schedule (Tues & Thurs, 3:00-4:20PM in CS402)

Date Topic





9/11 Course introduction Tom Funkhouser None



9/16 Geometric representations Tom Funkhouser Veltkamp99 html pdf
9/18 Global shape descriptors I Tom Funkhouser Loncaric98 html pdf
9/23 Global shape descriptors II Tom Funkhouser  Osada01 html pdf
9/25 Local shape descriptors Josh Podolak  Johnson99 html pdf
9/30 Rigid body registration Paul Calamia & Mike Burns  Audette00 html pdf
10/2 Deformable surface registration Chris Decoro Allen93 html pdf
10/7 Project I proposals All students  None    
10/9 Mesh segmentation  Phil Shilane  Katz03 html pdf
10/14 Part-based recognition Benedict Brown Dickinson97  html pdf
10/16 Symmetry detection Misha Kazhdan Kazhdan03  html pdf
10/21 Symmetry transform Jason Lawrence Reisfeld95 html pdf
10/23 Medial axis Diego Nehab Ogniewicz95 html pdf
11/4 Skeleton extraction Deborah Silver   html pdf
11/6 Topological matching Ali Shokoufandeh   html pdf
11/11 Project I reports All students       
11/13 Project I reports  All students       
11/18 View-based matching Ming Ouhyoung Chen03 html pdf
11/20 Project II proposals All students       
11/25 Machine learning for shape analysis  Rob Schapire     pdf
12/2 Shape analysis in search engines Tom Funkhouser   html pdf
12/4 Shape analysis in CAD Bill Regli Han00 html pdf
12/9 Shape analysis in molecular biology Catherine Cresson-Tarsa Cresson-Tarsa03 html pdf
12/11 Shape analysis in medicine (at noon in CS402) Dimitris Metaxas   html pdf