Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 597D 
Advanced Topics in Computer Science: 
Geometric Modeling & Analysis
Fall 2003

Thomas Funkhouser

Global Shape Descriptors

Local Shape Descriptors


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Curve Matching

Surface Correspondence

Model-Based Shape Recognition

Mesh Segmentation

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Medial Axis Computation

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Skeleton Extraction

Topological Shape Matching

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Sven Dickinson's publications

Dickinson & Shoukoufandeh's course in Copenhagen

View-Based Shape Matching

Feature Detection

Symmetry Detection

Symmetry Transform

3D Object Representations

Taxonomy of Geometric Representations
Bruce Naylor

Computational Representations of Geometry,
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Mesh Representations

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Voxel Representations

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[Volume Rendering at Stanford]

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Mesh Simplification

Adaptive display algorithm for interactive frame rates during visualization of complex virtual environments
Thomas A. Funkhouser and Carlo H. Séquin,

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[Carl Erikson's Simplification Page]

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[Michael Garland's page on simplification with quadric error measures]
[Michael Garland's Multiresolution Modeling Page]

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[David Luebke's Simplification Page at UNC]

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Multiresolution Meshes

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Mesh Processing

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Point-Based Modeling and Rendering

The Use of Points as a Display Primitive
Marc Levoy and Turner Whitted
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[Paper link]

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Surfels: surface elements as rendering primitives
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[Surfels link]

QSplat: a multiresolution point rendering system for large meshes
Szymon Rusinkiewicz and Marc Levoy,
[QSplat link]

Capturing,Processing and Rendering Real-World Scenes.
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[UNC's laser scanning page] [UNC's point rendering page]

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Surface splatting
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Spectral processing of point-sampled geometry
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Implicit Surfaces

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A Bibliography of Implicit Surfaces

Another Bibliograph of Implicit Surfaces