COS 324 - Introduction to Machine Learning

Fall 2017

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You are encouraged to use LaTeX to typeset your solutions. Here is a submission template for a single problem, and this is what it compiles to.


There will be a midterm worth 20% of the final grade. The midterm will be during class time on Thu, Oct 26. No alternate times will be offered.

  • Midterm solution: midterm_solution.pdf

    Collaboration Policy

    Late Policy

    Assignments are due in class a week after announcement. You are given 5 free late days that you can use any time during the semester, with at most 2 late days per assignment. Once you use up your 5 free late days, you will incur a penalty of 20% for each additional late day.

    Note that no assignment will be accepted more than 2 days late.

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